Lounge Review: The American Airlines Admiral’s Club Lounge at San Francisco International Airport

For frequent travelers, the airline lounge represents a quiet place in the storm of travel. Behind the glass doors lies the promise of luxury, where comfortable chairs and power outlets are everywhere.

But is it worth the price of admission?

On previous trips, I’ve spent time in other lounges at San Francisco International Airport, but not the Admiral’s Club lounge in Terminal 2. I was curious to find out how this experience would stack up against others.

How I got in

Because I didn’t have the right credit card or status with American, I had to pay the $59 day-pass fee to get into the lounge. Even though my flight was in domestic first class, I didn’t qualify for complimentary entry – only first- and business-class passengers flying between Los Angeles International Airport or San Francisco International Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport are extended complimentary entry into the lounge.

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