5 Things Never to Say When You’re Buying a Car

You’re test-driving a new car and you really, really like it. The car salesperson senses your excitement and casually asks, “So, what do you think?” The words “I love it!” are forming in your mind, but …

If you say this, or a number of other things, you’re unwittingly revealing information about yourself. Car salespeople are trained to quickly evaluate you, your taste in cars and your economic profile, industry experts caution. And, as the saying goes, what you say can and will be used against you once you reach the bargaining table.

Eliminating the following statements when you buy a car can help you negotiate a better deal.

1. ‘I love this car!’

Saying this to a car salesperson would “give them a hand up when it comes time to close the sale,” says Scot Hall, a former car salesman and now executive vice president of operations for Swapalease, which matches leaseholders with car shoppers looking to take over a lease.

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