Make the most of your end-of-summer camping trips

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. Turning off our cell phones, heading out with friends and family, teaching the kids to love nature — it’s a perfect break from the hustle of everyday life. Now that summer is winding down and the temperatures are cooling off, it’s time to get a couple more camping trips in! 

Once you’ve found your campground, check out some of our favorite outdoorsy activities below. 

Identify birds and other wildlife

This is a great way to teach the kids to appreciate nature and all of its mysteries. For bird watching, we recommend starting with a guide like this one from National Geographic. For better bird-vision, check out the wide variety of binoculars available at Dick’s Sporting Goods! And for other animals, keep an eye on the ground for tracks — you never know what animals have passed through. Here’s a pocket guide to the mammals of North America.

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